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Homestudy is complete!

Hey! This week we received our completed homestudy! Yay! This is huge! We did so much to get our homestudy completed, it feels good to have it done! What is a homestudy? It's an extensive look into our lives to see if we are capable and a good fit to be adoptive parents. We submitted multiple background checks, questionnaires about ourselves, tax return info, and so much more! We used Utah Adoption Specialists for this process. Our social worker was great to work with and we're so thankful to have her experience and knowledge to guide us throughout the rest of our adoption process.

We've also been looking for an adoption attorney in our area; we've talked with a few on the phone and one in person. We found an attorney experienced in private adoption that we are excited to work with!

We are so excited to have our little adoption team put together! Our social worker and attorney have so much experience in private adoption, it's going to be great working with them.

Have a fabulous week!

Love Aubrey & Richard

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